'Jeep' Rally

Full day dedicated to a 'Jeep' Rally around the islands of Malta or Gozo. Participants are split into teams of six per 'Jeep'. During the event, participants will have to make their way through various towns and villages. The day comes to an end when all participants meet at a typical village bar for a celebration. Alternatively, the same programme may be altered to a 'Jeep' Photo Safari, during which each participant is provided with a camera and asked to take particular shots.



Bicycle Safari

Participants will be escorted to a meeting point where bicycles will be prepared for pick-up (ladies bikes are available as well). Maps of the area will be given to participants; the locations will be marked with the name of the incentive, so participants will know where to cycle. At the finish point refreshments will be served. This event normally lasts about 60 minutes and continues with a 'Jeep Safari, which means at that finishing point four wheel drives will be waiting for participants. A mini van is normally organised to pick-up any participants who do not feel they can complete the safari.



Hidden Treasures
(a treasure hunt in  Valletta)

This half-day activity takes palace in Valletta. The capital was built in the time of the knights of Malta by Grand Master Jean de la Valette; it has been referred to as a "city built by gentlemen for gentlemen". On arrival participants are divided into teams and the treasure hunt starts. This activity is full of fun and highly recommended.


Painting Competition

A half-day activity held in one of the various picturesque localities on the islands. Participants enjoy a session of painting with one of our local artists, who will show participants some basic art techniques. At the end of the session participants will each be given a pack containing a painting pad, crayons, etc and will be asked to sketch a particular scene. At the end of the morning the best three sketches are each given a prize.

Photo Safari in Mdina or Valletta

A half-day event where participants travel to the former capital of Malta, Mdina, or to Valletta. On arrival participants are given a camera together with a questionnaire and divided into teams...then the fun begins.



Discover Gozo

THis is a full-day activity discovering the sister island of Gozo in four wheel drive vehicles. Participants will be allocated 'Jeeps' (maximum of six people per vehicle) and will visit sites that are little known. Lunch is served in a traditional Gozitan farmhouse. One may also include a typical cheese and wine tasting at one of our stops.



Beach Olympics

This full-day activity is a fun day to be remembered. Participants leave their hotel for a designated spot on a sandy beach. On arrival participants are divided into teams, and each is given the required gear. Each team will participate in different games and activities such as canoeing, raft building, rope course, obstacle course, etc. The 'Olympics' end with a presentation of prizes to the team with the highest scores. Swim suits and trunks required!

Murder Mystery Evening

An evening activity full of fun and suspense. The location will suit the particular plot of the murder; common locations are farmhouses and palazzi. Participants will be asked to dress in 1920s costumes and will be given the basic plot of the story. Each person attending will play the part of a character in the murder mystery. They will act in character and will be only be told what their character knows. All participants will discover that a murder has been committed, and collect the facts of the murder. Then between them, they have enough information to determine the identity of the murderer. They will discuss, accuse and have fun investigating.

War Games

A full-day of activities, this is a combination of tag and hide and seek, but it is much more challenging and sophisticated. The participants will be divided in two or three teams, or platoons, each of which will have a coloured flag. The object of the game is to capture the opposing teams' flags while protecting their own.

Shopping Competition

Departure to one of the many open-air markets located in various village squares throughout the island. This event may take place on any day of the week, however the largest and recommended markets are the ones held on Sundays in Valletta - the capital - or in Marsaxlokk, the largest fishing village. On arrival our shopping competition starts. Each participant, couple or team will be given a designated sum of money in Maltese currency (depending on the organiser's budget) together with a list if items to be bought. The group then proceed to lunch in a typical restaurant or alternatively return to their hotel.



Sports activities

Top Team Incentives also offers a variety of sports activities, both on an individual and a tournament basis. Listed are some of the activities we offer:



Aerial Ropeway
Air pistol shooting
Assault course
Athletics events
Beach volley/volleyball
Biking tours
Bridge building
Camping trips
Cross country running
Deep sea fishing/fishing trips
Helicopter trips

Horse riding
Jeep off-roading
Mountain biking
Raft building
Rock climbing
Roller skating
Scuba diving
Skeet shooting
Walking tours
Water jet bikes


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